In the field of Computer Science we have a number of Data Structures that are all measured through both Space and Time Complexity which measures the efficiency of the methods. Binary Trees is a data structure that allows for efficient searches in datasets. With its use varying based on data sets, the Space and Time Efficiency of Binary Search Trees is O(log(n)) relative to the size of the full data set.

If you’ve never seen a BST, seeing how one looks can hint to why it has its name. Starting at the top we have a root node and a…

One of the most popular frameworks that web developers have been using to design web page layouts has been the infamous Bootstrap CSS framework. One of the downsides that comes with using Bootstrap is it’s implementation of Javascript text that can easily throw someone off that only has prior knowledge of HTML5 and CSS styling. This is where Bulma really makes a name for itself with a mobile-responsive layout and a simple structure design for users to really customize the look and feel of their webpages.

The basics of using Bulma to build a webpage starts with its layout elements…

Michael Medina

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